NFC Academy

NFC Academy is accredited and has a wide range of choices for education.


You can take one course or enroll full time. Options are many with flexible start dates for homeschool families.


The affordable tuition at NFC Academy makes a Christian education possible for most every  homeschool family.


High School

NFC Academy offers an exceptional academic experience for students in high school grades nine through twelve. Students have the opportunity to take our regular classes, or they may be able to take our Honor’s Classes which are available for most core subjects in high school. Dual Enrollment where students receive college credit and high school credit is also an option for students. Details on all of the high school programs are contained in our web site.

Middle School

The NFC Academy Middle School engages students as they transition from elementary school in their move to high school in just a few years. Students in middle school grades of six to eight are taking courses that build their learning experience in preparation for their high school years. As students enter the eighth grade they may be eligible for some courses that will can be taken in middle school and earn high school credit that will count toward graduation.


The NFC Academy Elementary program consists of the all online program for grades 3-5 and the colorful, age-appropriate book curriculum for 5K-2nd grade. Along with the curriculum for 5K-2nd is the unique NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner which has each day’s lesson plans listed for each subject for the full year. Check out the options you have for these programs which best suit your family’s needs.


You will have both full administrative and teacher support at NFC Academy. All NFC Academy teachers have the academic credentials for their teaching field and hold formal certification approved by our accrediting agency. Their extensive experience as educators provides the homeschool parent and student with needed teacher support and involvement for success in their courses. They will use a variety of educational tools and technology in the instructional process.


Everyone in school wants to celebrate their achievements. Academy homeschool students can join us on our campus with North Florida Christian School in regular annual graduation exercises for Kindergarten, Fifth Grade, and the commencement exercises for graduating seniors. You can make these times special as you join us for these special events as your child is recognized on their graduation day.



We are partners with our homeschool parents in this vital task of education. Find out what they say by read more


We will show you the NFC Academy program and how it works as you we take you on a tour of the learning program including do a daily lesson in one of the subjects. You can participate from your home, office, or any place you have Internet access. We will send you an email with the link to join us on the day you select…all we need is the day you want to participate and your email address. Select the date and time you want and send to us at -


  • Thursday - April 17 - 3:00 PM EST
  • Academy Offices Closed Good Friday, April 18.
  • Thursday - April 25 - 3:00 PM EST


You can request further information from our Admissions Office and they will be glad to assist us today!

  • Learn more about NFC Academy's learning online program for grades 3-12 with this Power Point Video.
  • Join one of our live WebEx online meetings and we will show you the online learning program for grades 3-12 on your home computer. Select from one of our weekly scheduled online presentations or tell us a time that works best for you and we will schedule it.  Email  to join us for one of our webinars at


You may begin the application to NFC Academy now. You can start your application and if necessary save it and come back to it later. Go to the application.